Logo, Bitches! This text appears because you kicked puppies a lot in a previous life

For the last 8-10 years (it gets kind of hard to keep track), we have gathered hundreds of drunks in costumes and ran around the city doing silly things. We have tried various ways to plan this chaos, from a zodiac-based system to a monthly thing to some sort of loose holiday tie-in. But the fact is, we just like to wear silly clothes and run around doing silly things. So this page is meant as a sort of schedule of stuff we are doing, or stuff other people are doing that is more fun than the stuff we planned so we are just crashing their event.

When we are not behind the event, we can usually be found in the midst of it or rolling around on top of it. We don't care enough about terminology and whatnot to actually get this right, so just accept the fact that not all Drunken Rampages are run by Drunken Rampage Events.

But they all still involve the basics: drinking and rampaging around. In costumes.

DISCLAIMER: We have nothing to do with this. We don't know any of the people involved. We have never been to Portland, OR. We all live in Yurts in the Congo and don't have Internet access. These are not the droids you're looking for. "Our" and "We" are words in an obscure tribal dialect that you can't google, and roughly translate as "Somebody Else's" and "Those Other People." Piss off.

Fucking disclaimer that should not need to exist but totally does: we aren't a company. Most people who do fun stuff in this town aren't a company. There is a company now doing this stuff, and the aren't us.




The next event is the Alter Egos Society's Sixth Annual Hero/Villain Power Struggle!


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