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Nobody loves us!

Ok, this is where I was supposed to list . . . something. We were drunk when the idea came up, and now we can't find the bar napkins we sketched it out on. I think it was something about making a list of bars that wronged us somehow, but M- thinks we were supposed to write a rant about ungrateful douchebags who act like entitlement whores at events. D- said he was sure he remembered what we were supposed to write here, but he is such an ass nobody wants to hear what he has to say. McH- thought it was supposed to be about Guiness, but he thinks EVERYTHING is about Guiness. F- just mumbled something about vaginas, so we can't really tell if he was paying attention since he seems to have Vagina Tourettes anyway.

So, here ya go. A web page. We may put something here some day.

The next event is Zero-G NYE


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