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We are not the only people who do this kind of thing, ya know. Portland is a vast sea of weirdness and debauchery, which is pretty much the main reason to live here. If you care to, you can pretty much always find something to do that would really, REALLY, make your parents believe they have completely failed in their task of raising you. This is a list of some of our favorite things to do when we are not drunkenly rampaging around. If you know of some new things, by all means drop us a line and we will probably list them here.

Take a bar, fill it full of geeks, have a comic book shop donate prizes and hand somebody a microphone. That's the basic concept of Geek Trivia, every other Tuesday at Vendetta from 7:00-10:00 p.m. (yeah, that's a Facebook link, we will post a link to ANY other website as soon as they get one).

Back when this website started, most anything worth doing was listed on Portland Cacophony's mailing list. To be bluntly honest, Drunken Rampage was part spin-off, part rip-off and part ego-trip relating to the costumed, game/specactle pub-crawl aspect that Cacophony more or less invented. Most of the dR folk were Cacos as well, and many Cacos were dR folk, and from time to time dR would step up to call bars and arrange activities when Caco folk were shorthanded. The Portland Cacophony Society, like any revolutionary group, eventually changed as people got jobs, elected to public office, had children or had some other horriffic fate befall them. It's now mostly people talking about the Good Ol' Days while suggesting things for other people to do or trying to sabotage each others' new ideas. Still, the list is a great place to read for inspiration and funny links, most of the original Caco events are still awesome and the monthly meetings are often damn good drinking events if nothing else.

Another great Portland event, Portland Pillowfight is the best way to smack strangers in the face with a pillow and not get arrested. It is a hell of a lot of fun, and if you can keep from drooling at all the eye candy (for some reason, these things are populated with the hottest twentysomethings in a 100 mile radius of Portland), you can take out your aggressions while making a huge mess.

We like costumes. We like booze. We like freaking out strangers. The Guerilla Masquerade Party pretty much scratches that itch. Sure, they stay in one place usually, so it's not much of a "rampage," but they make up for it by the sheer snarkieness of their participants.

Braaaiiinnssssssss! Portland's very own Zombiewalk is your chance to dress up in full Zombie garb and wander through town scaring tourists and annoying the hell out of the "we should all be responsible and boring" crowd. Also, eye candy-riffic, provided you are into folk who make most goth-club patrons look like Xanax-riddled sparky junior-high class presidential candidates.



Ya got an event? Does it not suck?
We can post it on our "side rampages" list, just contact us, invite us over and ply us with booze. We are not above a little bribery in the same way that the ocean is not above the flight path of a Boeing 747.

The next event is Zero-G NYE


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