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Costume tips will go here. Some day. Not today though.

If the next event is Plunderathon, I will at least give the quick tips:

Today's old ladies dress like yesterday's Pirates. Go to the thrift store, buy old lady clothes, and rip off the fake flowers. Really.

Buy a twin sheet in a bright color. Rip it lengthwise. That makes about four belt sashes/head scarves/etc.

Take a pair of blue cheapass officemonkey pants (like, Dockers or something). Cut them below the knee. Shred the ends. It will look like shipwreck pants.

Don't do the eyepatch thing. Trust me here, it's cool for about ten minutes and then you start bumping into things and falling down a lot.

GUYS - in a hurry? White dress shirt. Unbutton the top three buttons, roll the sleeves to the elbow. Tie a chunk of cloth around your waist. Put a bandanna on your head. Cut a pair of pants off at the knee. Throw on some sandals, or dress shoes (really, dress shoes actually look pretty authentic with shredded pants). Take a Sharpie and draw a skull on your arm. Realize you can't draw on yourself without screwing it up, and ask someone at Plunderathon to do it for you (it's a great conversation starter).

GALS - in a hurry? First off, you suck. Women can get Pirate boots any time, any shoe store. Guys get to choose between dress shoes, sneakers or hiking boots. We hate you for this. ANYWAY, put on all the jewelry you can, do the same shirt/cloth/pants thing the guys do, or put on the billowiest skirt you can find. Then find the thickest belt you can and put it on over your pants/skirt (not through the loops). A small purse or bag hanging off that belt beats a normal purse any day.

The next event is Zero-G NYE


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