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--- 2011's drunken Santas are all out in third world countries buying black-market liver replacements as of now. Will update this page in time for 2012's events. ---


SantaCon, AntiCon, Santarchy, FosterCon, Red Tide and pretty much all that other crap your parole officer forbids you to take part in.


We are not running any Santa events this year, because so many other people are running great ones. We highly recommend the NoPo AntiCon on Dec 3 at the Paul Bunyan statue. As for the rest, there really is one every weekend and some of the weekdays all month.

Right off the bat, you should know that it's fucking expensive to put on and takes a shitload of time. It's not an accident that the bars Santa goes to at 3pm on a Saturday magically have five times as much staff on-hand to pour drinks; that's the result of the hard work and fast talking of the coordinators. All those props, games, etc? They bought them out of their own pockets (there are no sponsors, cover charges, etc.) The mutant toys? They made them. The several miles of route? They walked it multiple times to make sure there are no fences or trolls or mad cows that will impede Santa's way. Buy them a fucking drink or something; they earned it.

There have been rumors this year of at least two for-profit "santacon" events (one at a dance club). Nobody who has ever had anything to do with an actual SantaCon is remotely involved with a for-profit mainstream bridge-and-tunnel club. If you go there, it has to be for one of two reasons: 1) you intend to piss on the floor and vomit on the bar within ten seconds of entering the place, then release a bag of spiders as they throw you through the window, or 2) you have such an amazing combination of useless douchebaggery and lack of self-awareness that you fail to realize that literally every bad thing we have written on every page of this website specifically refers to you, personally.

And yes, there is a somewhat "official" SantaCon this year, but as usual we don't want to make it worse by breaking the vow of secrecy (see, they know where I live ...). Start harassing Cacos, they will fill you in.

----- History (Everything below this line is leftover from 2010 or earlier, and is unedited) ---

in 1996, the Cacophony Society in San Fransisco sent Santa ambassadors (around 50 of them, in Santa suits, on a plane, smelling like absolute hell) to start the first ever SantaCon outside of SF. Ever since, things have been strange.

And for a good chunk of time, people who wish they were original enough to come up with something like this have tried to claim they were running SantaCon. Mostly it was sad, pathetic souls who thought they could actually get attention from people by making a Facebook page or posting their own schedule, pretty much just like that guy in high school who "totally has this really hot girlfriend, but you wouldn't know here . . . she is, uh, from Canada. Yeah" or that guy at the flea market wearing a cammo beret and a "kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out" T-shirt but never got any closer to volunteering for the army than playing with their GI Joe toys.

So, what's the real scoop? Well . . . we used to tell everyone, and that kind of blew up in our faces after a while. So what we will do is tell you who is legit, and let you do the legwork from there. Here is the partial scoop (if the coordinators want, I will post more complete info here, but I am giving them a few days to sleep on it):

There are two events to consider, AntiCon and SantaCon. Here is what you need to know about them:

SantaCon is the original one. It is culture jamming, reality-hacking, weird, creepy, icky and strange. There is a lot of booze and bars and whatnot, but those things help SantaCon along, they are not what SantaCon is all about. So while getting 150 people to simultaniously moon boats on the river, or visit the mayor's house, or decorate a truck stop, or watch a movie under a bridge is easy, getting 1,000 people to do that is impossible. If you only want the pub crawl aspect of it, this is not the event for you. That's why it's kind of secret. The one thing I can tell you for sure is that santaconpdx.com is actually run by a Santa who was tagged by a Santa who was tagged by a Santa who was tagged by the Santas that started it all. It's a legit site. And the twitter name @santaconpdx is legit too. So, while you can't exactly trust them, you at least know that anyone who claims to be "SantaCon" and is not somehow part of those sites is full of emu shit and you should piss on their shoes for being wanna-be attention whores.

A few years later, the North Portland AntiCon was created by an enterprising guy named Santa, which seems to cater more to the crowd that wants to see what it is like to have 1,000 Santas taking over the city and making it their bitch. nopdxanticon.wordpress.com is the legit website for NoPo AntiCon, others are . . . less legit. Two groups so far have been found trying to pretend they are running AntiCon for reasons that continue to baffle us (really, is it that hard to come up with your own event? Tell everyone to wear furry legs, grab some axes, and put on top hats, then take them to a bar. Try for January).

AntiCon and SantaCon are not rivals, they are two sides of the same casino chip. And you can go to both of them if you want to experience both forms of Santarchy.

More details (and a newsletter blast) will be done once more details are released. Until then, you at least know who both groups of real Santas are. You may still get conned by them, and will almost certainly need penicillin after, but at least if you follow these guidelines you get to be conned by the real Santas rather than some pathetic wanna-be anal lesions who can't think of something fun to do.


-ps- this year, Drunken Rampage will send Santa ambassadors overseas again. Last year, we Santified Osaka, Japan. This year we are contemplating Hanoi, Vietnam, because we have a death wish.


The next event is Zero-G NYE


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