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Last minute as hell, but here ya go:

Those old, worn-out costumes need one last hurrah before you dump them in your neighbor's trash and call the cops to report them as the perpetrator of whatever perverted shenanigans you pulled off while wearing it.

Tonight, Saturday November 7, 8pm is Halloween V. 2.0, aka "Halloween Two: Electric Boogalloo." We could not agree on the name. We tried, and four people wound up in the hospital with severe gnaw wounds on their ankles.

Here is the deal:

So, from 8pm-11pm, at the bar, we will gather. From time to time we will venture out to do strange things, and then scamper back to dry off/drink up.

Parlour (AKA Chaos Cafe) on SE 26th Ave and Powell, is the bar. it has a DJ who has conned the bar into waiving cover charge for anyone in costume. I point this out because THAT IS HOW THE DJ GET PAID. Cover charge. There will be a donation bucket there for those of you who want to karmically balance out her awesomeness.

No superlong hikes, no hours of standing in the rain listening to Dave the Great rant about the Flying Spaghetti Monster (we got sick of him and gave him his pills back. He is now a normal suburbanite accountant who wears nothing but Dockers and polo shirts every day, and drinks nothing but an occasional Bud Lite when his wife and 2.3 children are out of the house).

Highly inappropriate and borderline illegal prizes may be given out, or we may just abscond with them ourselves. Drinks shall be drank. A good time shall be had by all.

The Parlour
2628 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97202

(right by Powell City Park)


Served by TriMet bus lines 9, 10 and 66. Not too terribly far from the 17 and 4 lines.

8pm-12pm, though you can show up at 7 if you want to sneak in and get booze before the rest of us.

Halloween 2:Electric Baoogalloo (there are 2 this month. This is the first).