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Yeah, the Leo Party. A disproportionate number of our staff are Leos, and thus we feel the need to have a Drunken Rampage to inflict, errr, "inform" Portland of our advancing years. But since this one is "special" (as in "short bus special"), it tends to be invite-only.

For those sad masses who have not gotten an invite, you have months to weasle your way into the next one :)

Prior years involved. . . water balloons. 55 gallon drums. A factory. A large dog. thin white t-shirts. bisexual celtic men in kilts. Sprinting through two neighborhoods. Un-announcable lighting stuff. A maze lit by glow sticks and stocked with food prepared by our food-geek friends. Unexplained booze distribution. Groping. Annnnnd. . . . an SUV loaned to us by a person who does not check this website often enough to know that it was an abysmally bad idea.

Leo Party!