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The Sixth Annual Hero/Villain Power Struggle

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(disclaimer: this is the Drunken Rampage review of the event. The actual people running the event have far better grammar, spelling and manners. Don't hold my shitty writing against them - DtG).

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The Alter Egos Society has tried to keep the peace, they really have. But, well, superheroes and supervillains just can't seem to get along for more than half a year or so. Once again, the gauntlets are being thrown down, capes are being knotted and henchmen are calling their insurance companies to ask for a lower deductible.

It's time to don your superest outfit for The Alter Egos Society's Sixth Annual Hero/Villain Power Struggle pub crawl. On Saturday, May 25th you can settle the score in the bars and on the streets of inner Southeast Portland. The event features prizes! Booze! Costumes! Booze! Shenanigans! And boozed-up people who may begin to have a bit of trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality!

For those of you new to this: make your own character. Sorry, man, somebody already invented Batman. This is Portland, be weird and make up your own. In the past, there have been costumes built from sex toys, characters whose only superpower was the ability to say slanderous things about other characters, a tampon-covered person with the superpower of absorbency, and while Satan himself never showed up, Satan's secretary put in a bureaucratic appearance. No matter how silly and/or embarassing you think your costume is, somebody there will have you beat. So no pressure; just throw something together, give it a name and call it good. You will be embraced for it.

Despite the citywide devastation this event brings, there is a bronze lining (the villains stole the silver lining): it raises money for homeless youth. Really. It always has; that's how this entire event got started. They have been steadily conquering/saving the planet ever since, and even released a feature length movie as well as several shorts!

So you know that puppy you kicked last week? Here is a way to make up some of that lost karma (or, if you are a superhero, this is a way to atone for constantly letting the villains escape from your ridiculously low-security mental institutions you keep putting them in rather than just dropping them on their heads from low-Earth orbit and being done with them once and for all).

At 5pm heroes will begin to gather at one bar and villains at another. Choose your faction wisely because the two sides will compete in many contests and games before the final destination.

AS ALWAYS - bring ID (you must be 21+), and bring CASH. That papery folding stuff with dead presidents on it. We arrive at bars in large groups, and all place drink orders at the same time. That extra minute or two it takes the bartender to fuck around with your piece of plastic, transmit stuff, print things and get you to sign it takes valuable drinking time away from the rest of us. Bring CASH. Small bills. Don't open a tab, don't try to break a $20, and don't use plastic unless the bar is very, very slow.


5PM-6:30PM: Adventurers assemble! This is generally when people mingle, tell each other their costume, order drinks

HEROES meet at: BASEMENT PUB, 1028 SE 12th Ave.

VILLAINS meet at: THE SLAMMER, 500 SE 8th Ave.

(Yes, this means the event starts at two different places. If you are going with friends or a date, we HIGHLY recommend being on opposite sides. It's way more fun, you get different experiences that you can compare later, and you won't be apart for that long anyway. The way to get the best of both worlds is to participate in both worlds.)

9PM: TRIO CLUB, 909 E Burnside St. Raffles, costume prizes, karaoke, and the official WONDER NORTHWEST after party!

Prizes for charity raffles and costume awards provided by:


Like all events we recommend (Drunken Rampage isn't throwing this, Alter Egos is. But they are pals, the event is awesome, and we are thus trying to get the word out) a free event, but bring cash for the bars and for raffle tickets will benefit P:EAR http://pearmentor.org/) and their mission to mentor homeless youth.

BE COOL TO THE SERVICE STAFF - The rule of thumb for pub crawls is the cost of your drink is the stated bar price, rounded up to the nearest whole dollar, with a dollar added on. That's called "tipping," and since we put bars through so much trouble, they earn it. The whole staff is there catering to our needs, then we leave in a relatively short amount of time, and they just get stuck cleaning up while not earning any tips for several hours afterward. A $4.50 drink is $6. A $1 PBR is $2. A $2.75 well drink is $4. It's the cool thing to do, so just do it. And if you happen to nip out to an alley with a flask to be more frugal, well, we can't stop you (but NEVER do that in the bar. They get in trouble, we get in trouble, and it's just rude as shit).

Lastly - after all of this is said and done, we get to go hang out with Wonder NW. What, you never heard of Wonder NW? Have you been living in a cave? Is your secred identiy "Grog the Troglodyte?"
Well, here is a quick description of what they are, shamelessly ripped off from their own website:

Wonder Northwest is an amalgamation of pop-culture subcultures. Here you will find regular folks co-mingling with super heroes, pirates, geeks, nerds, cosplayers, film enthusiasts, gamers and other nice people! Our vendor room will feature comic books, toys, video games and more from some of the best dealers from across the country. Contests, panels and other special events will be open for all attendees to enjoy. Conveniently located in the heart of Portland with easy access to PDX (Portland International Airport), public transportation, nearby restaurants and other attractions."

It runs May 25th & 26th at the Crowne Plaza, in Portland


(The good guys)


(The bad guys)

co-sponsored by the folks that brought you the amazing Alter Ego: Ceasefire.


The next event is the Alter Egos Society's Sixth Annual Hero/Villain Power Struggle!


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