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April 9th at noon - Alter Egos: Power Struggle

(more info on their website here)

This event starts at two different bars (Heroes go to one, Villains to another) and then meets up after an hour or so. Start bars are being determined this week. Games and hillarity ensue.

Last fall we had a ceasefire (to raise money for P;ear), but sadly the peace has not held. Now both sides (and the ever-present "others" who simply can not be bothered to pick a side) are ramping up their armies and having a Power Struggle! This event raises funds to pay for props, decorations, prizes and whatnot for the next event (which is the actual charity). As well as bribes. Ya never know when you will need bribes.

Here is the basic idea:

1) Get a super identity. Wonder Woman is already taken; be creative and make up your own.

2) Put a costume together.

3) Pick a side (couples have way more fun if they pick opposing sides, by the way.).

4) Show up. (note: bars and times to be determined)


(The good guys)


(The bad guys)

co-sponsored by the folks that brought you the amazing Alter Ego: Ceasefire.


July 30 - the 168th Annual PLUNDERATHON!